Our Philosophy

whale alpha

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

Whale UX knows a little about that experience. In 20 years working with the web, software, and user interfaces from hypercard to html5, you tend to notice some things.

Number one: The user almost never know what they want until they see it.



Great UX requires a broad spectrum of knowledge on technology and how humans interact with it.

There are many methodical approaches to user experience that will deliver functional software, but they don’t deliver delight, and they don’t change how your user feels about you.

Great UX requires focus, production values, and a certain quality of execution to create transformative experiences that change your relationship with your user.

That’s where we play.

We work in that top 10%.

We take great and turn it into amazing.

Big & Benevolent

Whale UX does BIG work.

We empower your business, your industry and your users. We change the way your user thinks, and the way your competitors think, and the way you think. Whale UX develops disruptive answers to difficult questions. We observe network effects, emergent behaviors, and think ahead to bring you innovative, radical crowd harnessing solutions and implementations.

We also do BENEVOLENT work.

Whale UX will help you play a different game entirely. Why beat the competition when you can prosper without a fight? We win by being a positive force for everyone involved. We create win-win-win situations you, your users and your industry. We find ways to harmonize your goals with those of your user. With our work you will rise to your market’s expectations, needs and true desires, and your users and customers to grow and prosper.

Combining BIG & BENEVOLENT incubates innovation. Through simple, user-centric design and hand-crafted, well-researched narratives, we bring the user together with your big ideas to transform your business and software. We don’t see BIG & BENEVOLENT as just a tagline or as buzzwords. These are powerful tools with specific uses.

We are multi-talented and knowledgeable across disciplines.

We look far and wide, beyond technology, beyond design, and beyond conventional thinking to understand all the edges, extremes and nuances that modulate the human experience.

Whale UX does not employ a set of reusable tools for every engagement. You are unique. Your users are unique. Your industry is unique. We develop templates, techniques and an approach that is unique to each client. We believe in custom UX. That means you will always receive the best and freshest of our thinking, not the best of our thinking from 3 years ago. We don’t sell warmed-over ideas.

We offer:

  • Design Thinking (interaction design and brand developement)
  • Engineering Knowledge (information architecture, business analysis, and usability)
  • Socio/Anthropology (User-Centered Design 
& Community Development)
  • Neuro/PsychologyExperience (Orchestration 
& Anthropomorphism)
  • Narrative Strategy (expert storytelling and social media).

We understand the user. We understand what our clients needs.

The user will still ask for a faster horse, but we’ll help you give them something better. Whale UX will help you deliver the new product, the new business, perhaps the new industry that they NEED.