Our Process

For Whale UX, user experience is a 3-step process

1. Observation

2. Invention

3. Implementation

ObservationUser Research

Through in-depth user research, we can design for one. We will determine a real person who uses your site or software, and we cater the experience to their needs, ensuring their success.

Once we know the user, Whale UX builds a strategy that addresses the challenges they face, creates opportunities for them, and has a posture, model, story and scope that speaks to them.





Whale UX takes into account all essential aspects of information architecture to build your site, software or app around what your users need. We create a complete experience, starting with wireframes and core artifacts, app/site map, workflow, diagrams, navigation, and interfaces.

We’ll write stories that connect with the user, create graphics that engage, and interfaces that lead to user satisfaction, increased productivity, and happiness.




Whale UX will bring the user’s ideal system to life. We offer implementation support and architecture and code review to ensure the design you approve is the product you receive. Through process coaching and post-implementation observation, we will ensure system accuracy and user satisfaction, and we’ll make UX adjustments if needed.

Whale UX also offers site administration and content curation guidance and assistance solidify your processes and success.