The Team

Whale UX is…

Antoine ValotAntoine Valot, CEO, has spent over twenty years designing experiences with a passion for empowering and delighting the user. Applying often counter-intuitive methods and approaches, Antoine has helped steer product, brand and business strategy for both startup and enterprise clients in the western United States.

Antoine is also CEO of Onceupon, a little app with big ideas about storytelling and place, and co-organizer of Startup Weekend Denver.


photoNate Ragolia, Writer and Narrative Strategist, has been crafting powerful, persuasive and engaging sentences since for more than 15 years. He has carefully crafted written work for applications ranging from web content to ad copy to press releases to fiction, nonfiction and poetry. He believes that a thousand words can be worth a million pictures and he builds the stories that connects users and customers to the products and organizations they love. He writes because he has to. He writes to create lasting bonds that bridge the gap between technology and humanity.

Nate is also COO of Onceupon, and the author of the novella There You Feel Free.